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“I really cannot say enough about the I PLAY PRAISES series for violin instruction. My review could never do this curriculum justice! My girls have been using “I Play Praises” for 7 years and my youngest started at age 5! I have also used it, so it covers many age ranges. But the thing I love most of all is that it is faith based. It has been a blessing to use something that glorifies God, learn from it, and then glorify God through performance! I am so thankful that this is how my girls learned to play the violin. It has been a privilege!”
“I PLAY PRAISES violin books are truly amazing! They have really helped me! The first book starts at a great pace that grows over time, and each book shows different techniques to help the students. Mrs. Nancy helps so much whenever we need it and gives great advice! I think these books and the lessons are genius and I have loved every minute of violin!”
“My daughter has been taking lessons with Mrs. Nancy since she was 6 years old. She is now 10 and, thanks to Mrs. Nancy’s teaching style and methods, she has shown great progress. Mrs. Nancy has put together a series of music books and lessons that are not only fun and easy to follow, but also faith based. Each book builds upon the one before and introduces new techniques. I highly recommend the I SING PRAISES series for all students wanting to learn the violin in a way that is fun and faith based”.
“Our family loves I PLAY PRAISES and Nancy’s teaching style. My kids have learned an appreciation for music. It is so fun to watch them pick out pieces they recognize in everyday life, from a fiddle song played by an ice cream truck to a classical song played by a children’s toy. They are increasing their skills step by step so there isn’t a lot of frustration. They can see the benefits of hard work and dedication and sticking to something for the long haul. I can’t recommend this program highly enough”.
“From Bach’s Air and Vivaldi’s A Minor Concerto to Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory, this course contains them all. Over the course of the books, masterpieces have been collected from the 16th to the 20th century. Beautiful and rewarding!”
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“The music is beautiful. It has been collected from a wide variety of sources and is often familiar. The course is very well thought out. Each song teaches a new violin technique step-by-step, gradually increasing skill level. An excellent and enjoyable course!”
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