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I Play Praises

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Learn to Play the Violin

This 7 Volume violin method will take the beginning student through the early stages of development using simple hymn tunes and praise songs. The progression of technique is similar to other violin methods, however this will offer a rich musical experience and be encouraging to the student’s faith walk.

My name is Nancy Blue and I have taught these lessons to my own students, developing new books as they have progressed. The students LOVE it and have had a delightful experience learning and growing.

  • The first 3 Volumes:  Lessons use words and music of faith and each book introduces new techniques and key signatures.
  • Volume 4/Fiddle Fun (Etudes): is designed to develop technique prior to beginning Classical music. An Etude is a “study” and the fiddle music is traditional and authentic to that style. They are lots of fun to play!
  • Volume 5:  An introduction to well known Classical Music and new technical skills. Solid repertoire is being developed.
  • Volume 6:  An introduction to the third position using Classical music and learning about the great composers.
  • Volume 7:  Continuing development in the third position as well as new bowing and fingering patterns.